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Sorry for not posting a lot. I will be on more in the next couple of weeks.

School sucks. That is all I am gonna say on the matter.

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Okay. I’ve decided Destiel is canon.


Even if there’s never a kiss. Or hand holding. Or even a fucking hug. I don’t need it.

The amount of love that Dean and Cas have shown each other through what they’ve done for each other is enough for me.

The writers and directors wouldn’t create the show to be the way it is if their relationship was strictly platonic. They’ve fully acknowledged that there’s subtext between Dean and Cas, and yet they continue to make EVEN MORE romantic scenes between the two characters.

If Dean and Cas weren’t intended to have a romantic relationship, the writer and editors would fix what was causing the misconception. But they continue to be even more romantic than ever.

I’m sorry. But to me, it’s canon. And if other people try to convince me otherwise, that’s fine. But nothing will sway me ever.